About Carlos Lugones

Carlos Lugones

Indie maker turning ideas into useful products. Software engineer, writer and podcaster. Building in public.

I'm dedicated to creation. I'm continually creating something and I strive to make it useful. From companies, projects and software platforms. My passion is turning ideas into reality, ideas that change people's lives. In addition to all that, since it is not comfortable for me to do it in secret, I am learning to communicate my creation process, together with my teams. I tell you on my podcast, newsletter, blog and YouTube channel. I feel that telling what creators live and how the path is not so simple or predictable, it's something that is valuable to others.

These are my 10 life commandments:

  • Do what you love
  • Embrace change
  • Be radical if required
  • Create useful things
  • Practice love and respect
  • Be grateful and stay positive
  • Focus and use your time wisely
  • Read a lot and learn continuously
  • Observe yourself and your thoughts
  • Don't carry absurd grudges, forgive yourself and others